Stainless Steel Composite Doors

Core Type
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Honeycomb Polyurethane Polyisocanurate Polystyrene
Core Density N/A 2.05 pcf 2.0 pcf 1.5 pcf
Compression Strength 45 psi 27 psi 28 psi 35 psi
R-Factor 2.44 11.01 12.40 8.05
U-Value .40 .09 .08 .12
Service Temp 32° to 90° (F) -150° to 200° (F) -100° to 250° (F) -50° to 130° (F)
Min. STC STC 32 STC 26 STC 26 STC 23
Fire Rating See Fire Rated
Bullet Resistant UL Levels 1-8 See Bullet Resistant

NAAMM / HMMA 866 (Stainless Steel Hollow Metal)
Door Thickness 1-3/4"
Face Skins 18, 16, 14, or 12 GA
Material Options 304 Stainless Steel (Exterior)
316 Stainless Steel (Exterior, Salt Air)
430 Stainless Steel (Interior)
See Types of Stainless
Door Edges Beveled, 1/8" in 2"
Edge Construction Options See Vertical Door Edge Options
Top + Bottom Channels 16 GA Stainless Steel
See Door Top + Bottom Details
Hinge Reinforcements 7 GA Stainless Steel, 1-1/2" x 10"
Lock Reinforcements 11 GA Stainless or equal # threads
Closer Reinforcements 14 or 12 GA Stainless Steel
Finish Options See Stainless Steel Finish Options
Quick Ship 1, 3, 5 or 10-Day Options. See Quick Ship

NOTE: Above door data varies depending on specific design criteria

Environmental Data

As encapsulated door cores, there exist no health hazards or toxic gas emissions. During fire, few, if any, toxic gasses are produced and door cores are rated as Class I fire retardant materials.

All resins and bonding agents utilized in fabrication are low VOC / environmentally friendly. The long life cycle of the Stainless Steel doors makes them truly sustainable products. See LEED Information.

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