Veneer Cut Options

The size of the log, the wood species, the grain pattern desired and other factors determine which type of cut will be made to create veneer. Below are some of the more common methods of cutting logs.

Rotary Cut

The log is centered on a lathe and turned against a broad cutting knife set into the log at a slight angle.

Quarter Sawing

The slicing is made perpendicular to the annual growth rings of the tree. This creates a straight grain appearance.

Lengthwise Slicing

This is done from a board of flat sawn lumber rather than from a log. A variegated figure is created with this slice.

Plain Slicing

By slicing parallel to the center of the log, a raised "cathedral effect" is formed by the innermost growth rings.

Half-Round Slicing

Sliced on an arc parallel to the center of the log, this cut achieves a flat-cut veneer appearance.

Rift Cut

This straight grain cut is derived by slicing red and white oak at a slight angle to minimize the irregularities in the wood.