Glass Options

Stiles proprietary acoustic glass assemblies are available in a wide variety of options to meet your specific design requirements. All Stiles acoustical lites consist of specialty laminated glass with clear acoustic interlayers. Acoustic glass options include:

Standard Acoustic Glass Assemblies

Stiles proprietary acoustic glass assemblies are available as standard in clear, optional in bronze or gray glass.

Decorative Laminated Safety Glass

Options such as textured architectural glass and decorative interlayer glass are available for integration into acoustical glass assemblies. Privacy glass, frosted glass, and opaque glazing are available.

Anti-Reflective Glass

Anti-reflective glass (low glare) is available in sound control doors and windows for both interior and/or exterior surfaces.

Download/Print more information on Anti-Reflective Glass (PDF).

Transparent Mirror

Mirropane® transparent mirror can be integrated into acoustical glass assemblies to create a visual barrier between subjects and their observers, performing like an ordinary mirror on one side and a tinted window on the other.

Download/Print more information on Transparent Mirror (PDF).

Bullet Resistant

Bullet Resistant glass assemblies, UL 752 Levels 1-8, can be integrated into most Audia™ sound control doors and windows.