Stiles offers numerous options for weatherization designed to satisfy your specific project requirements, including:

Weatherization Air-Tek Seal


Air-Tek Door Edge Seals
Stiles proprietary Air-Tek cut pile replaceable edge seals, available for both single doors and pairs, function as a primary dust and air barrier for active door edges and door tops.
Louvers B


Threshold Assemblies
ADA compliant thresholds in all sizes, materials, functions and profiles, with replaceable seals. Dual door bottom sweeps in both brush and vinyl blade configurations, in addition to automatic door bottom seals.

Weatherization Seal-Tek Weather Seal System


Seal-Tek Weather Seal System
Stiles proprietary Seal-Tek frames are available with replaceable kerf weather seals that are UL10C listed and available in bronze, white, black, gray and beige.
*Seal is installed on the job after finish paint.
Weatherization Thermal Breaks


Thermal Breaks
Thermal breaks are available for both doors and frames for use in extreme environments, greatly reducing heat and cold transfer.