StileLite 100 Transparent Wall System

60 Minute - 250° Temperature Rise Hollow Metal Transparent Wall System

StileLite is a temperature rise, fire rated framing system for 60-minute transparent walls, offering a narrow 1-7/8" profile for a floor to ceiling continuous glazed wall. The frame comes in preassembled modules which interlock to provide quicker and easier installations. And since it matches other standard hollow metal frames in looks, there will be no mismatching of frame types in the building.

60-Minute Rated doors glazed with Pyrobel® 60-25 from Interedge Technologies, a clear fire and safety rated glass with a maximum temperature rise of 450 degrees F, can be incorporated into the StileLite system. Doors are available as singles or pairs, and can be factory primed, finish painted with Tnemec paint, powder coated, or clad in stainless steel, all without affecting the fire rating.

StileLite Features

NOTE: The StileLiteā„¢ system complies with the following standards:
UBC 7-1 (1997), ASTM E119 (2000), NFPA 251 (1999), UL 263 (1997(, and CANULC S101 M89 (1989)

Standard Hollow Metal Profiles

Frames consist of standard hollow metal profiles
Easy fitting modules

Modules slide together for fast installation