Fire Rated Glass & Glazing

After extensive and persistent testing over the last 3 decades, Stiles has become a ground-breaking industry leader in developing technology for 20, 45, 60, 90 minute, and 3 hour fire rated doors, windows, sidelites, and storefront systems. We also offer a unique 60-minute Transparent Wall System. This section has been developed to assist the architect, designer, and building owner in the creation of large, inspiring window systems for buildings where fire rated criteria is required.

Because of our extensive testing, Stiles offers you the flexibility of installing virtually any glass manufacturer's fire rated glass into our products. Therefore, we are no longer required to test glass products from each individual manufacturer.

There are two primary parameters to comply with when designing fire rated doors, sidelites, and windows:

  1. The maximum overall door and frame sizes that can be fire rated by Stiles are as follows:
     a) Frames: 174" X 144"
     b) Single Doors: 51" X 120"
     c) Door Pairs: 102" X 120"
     d) Transparent Wall System: No Size Limit

  2. The maximum clear view glass area that can be fire rated at each individual glass opening.
See fire rating charts for specific information

This Fire Rated Glazing Criteria has been compiled in part by specifications directly from various glass manufacturers. Stiles assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of glass information provided by others. It is recommended that the application of specific glass products be obtained directly from individual manufacturers. All glass must be installed in accordance with manufacturer's installation instructions. As always, our experienced engineers are available to assist you at any time.

Fire Rated Glass & Glazing Criteria for Doors

3/4 Hour Fire Rated Doors with Glass
Wire Glass .25" 30" 90" 2,019 Multiple
Wire Glass
(Glazed with intumescent tape)
.25" 34" 84" 2,856 Multiple
Ceramic Glass .187 36" 89" 3,205 FireLite®
Laminated Glass .625" - 1.37" 87.625" 87.625" 3,855 Pyrobel®
Gel-Filled Glass .75" 124.25" 124.25" 4,952 SuperLite®
1 Hour Fire Rated Doors with Glass
Ceramic Glass .87 36" 89" 3,204 FireLite®
Laminated Glass 1" - 1.875" 87.625" 87.625" 3,855 Pyrobel®
Gel-Filled Glass 1.125" 124.25" 124.25" 4,952 SuperLite®
1-1/2 Hour Fire Rated Doors with Glass
Ceramic Glass .187" 36" 56.5" 2,034 FireLite®
Laminated Glass 1.375" - 2.125" 36" 61" 2,196 Pyrobel®
Gel-Filled Glass 1.5" 124" 124" 4,876 SuperLite®
3 Hour Doors with Glass
Ceramic Glass .187" 12" 33" 100 FireLite®

NOTE: The information in the above chart represents generalized guidelines in effect at time of publication of this guide.
Consult factory for specific requirements and updates.