Bullet & Recherche Resistant Metal Window Assemblies

UL752 Level Window Models
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Elevation Options [1] Glass Options [2]
Steel Stainless Steel Bronze
1 9mm Bullet BSW-1 BSSW-1 BBW-1 F, GL, SP, C 3/4"
2 .357 Magnum Bullet BSW-2 BSSW-2 BBW-2 F, GL, SP, C 15/16"
3 9mm Bullet BSW-3 BSSW-3 BBW-3 F, GL, SP, C 1-1/8"
4 .30 cal Bullet BSW-4 BSSW-4 BBW-4 F, GL, SP, C 1-1/4"
5 .30 cal 150 grain Bullet BSW-5 BSSW-5 BBW-5 F, GL, SP, C 1-5/16"
6 9mm Bullet BSW-6 BSSW-6 BBW-6 F, GL, SP, C 1-1/4"
7 .223 cal Bullet BSW-7 BSSW-7 BBW-7 F, GL, SP, C 1-7/8"
8 .30 cal 150 grain Bullet BSW-8 BSSW-8 BBW-8 F, GL, SP, C 2"
SGS 12GA 437 grain slug Supplemental Shotgun ratings available all levels (Contact Factory for Information)
12GA 650 grain #00 Buck


[1] F: Flush Door
GL: Glass Lite Door
SP: Solid Panel Door
C: Custom (per customer's requirements)
Frame options, including a variety of profiles and configurations (including sidelites and transoms) available.

[2] Standard: Glass Clad Polycarbonate (Mar-resistant polycarbonate to "safe side" to eliminate spall potential) Other glass / glazing products available upon request