Bullet & Ricoche Resistant Door Assemblies

Bullet and Ricoche Door Assemblies

Stiles manufactures high-performance steel, stainless steel and bronze bullet resistant door assemblies for both interior and exterior environments. Options in metals, glazing, finishes, and configurations are available to suit your requirements. Multiple features such as fire and sound control ratigns are also available.

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Door Assembly Selection by UL752 Level

UL752 Level Door Models
Elevation Options [1] Glass Options [2]
Steel Stainless Steel Bronze
1 9mm Bullet BSD-1 BSSD-1 BBD-1 F, GL, SP, C 3/4"
2 .357 Magnum Bullet BSD-2 BSSD-2 BBD-2 F, GL, SP, C 15/16"
3 9mm Bullet BSD-3 BSSD-3 BBD-3 F, GL, SP, C 1-1/8"
4 .30 cal Bullet BSD-4 BSSD-4 BBD-4 F, GL, SP, C 1-1/4"
5 .30 cal 150 grain Bullet BSD-5 BSSD-5 BBD-5 F, GL, SP, C 1-5/16"
6 9mm Bullet BSD-6 BSSD-6 BBD-6 F, GL, SP, C 1-1/4"
7 .223 cal Bullet BSD-7 BSSD-7 BBD-7 F, GL, SP, C 1-7/8"
8 .30 cal 150 grain Bullet BSD-8 BSSD-8 BBD-8 F, GL, SP, C 2"
SGS 12GA 437 grain slug Supplemental Shotgun ratings available all levels (Contact Factory for Information)
12GA 650 grain #00 Buck


[1] F: Flush Door
GL: Glass Lite Door
SP: Solid Panel Door
C: Custom (per customer's requirements)
Frame options, including a variety of profiles and configurations (including sidelites and transoms) available.

[2] Standard: Glass Clad Polycarbonate (Mar-resistant polycarbonate to "safe side" to eliminate spall potential) Other glass / glazing products available upon request